Add Automatically Generated Titles And Customized Subtitles To Your Videos In A Few Clicks

In today’s time, online videos and content do play a significant role in every business strategy. Video content has become a powerful tool to reach out to our target viewers and get them hooked up to the services and products we offer. Thus, knowing online video editors can make things better and easier. 

Creating videos does come easy to some content creators but to some, it might be a little difficult to do. The struggle to put subtitles while the video is playing can be a difficult thing to do. Captioning video content poses a great impact on various success stories of various big companies in the world. 

Various online video editors are available that allow anyone to edit video content. It can be a great help to those who are struggling to put transcriptions that are synchronized with the media file.

Of course, video content is designed to be seen and heard by the target audiences. Thus, being able to provide transcriptions or subtitles can be a huge help to those who have hearing issues. Some people prefer reading what the video is all about making it more advantageous to put some words on our content. Knowing the importance of subtitles can help businesses to prioritize putting some to those video advertisements of a certain product, good, or service.

Adding Subtitles Automatically – Video Contents With Subtitles

Captioning or putting subtitles to video content has become an effective way to reach out to the target viewers. The engagement factor is one good strategy to get them hooked up with what our company or business can offer. Thus, adding subtitles automatically using an online video editor makes the whole process faster and easier. Here’s a quick process on how to put subtitles with a few clicks:

Create Or Upload A Video From Your Files

Upload a video from your files or create video content from an available free online video editor. This way, we can edit and enhance our content by just uploading it straight to a video editor online.

Automatically Generate Captions Or Subtitles In The Settings

In the settings or the app itself, look for the captioning feature that converts a voice into text. It automatically translates a voice into 70 languages which enables us to have subtitles on our uploaded video file. Also, we can add subtitles by uploading a customer subtitle file in .srt or .vtt format. 

Customized Captions That Matches The Brand Perfectly

Online video editors allow us to customize the overall feel of our content. We can choose the font style and sizes. Thus, we can choose colors and other stuff that matches what our brand is all about. In short, we can put subtitles in a design where we wanted it to be.

Importance Of Putting Video Subtitles

It’s a given fact that companies whether big or small do make video content to make a certain product, good, or service known by the public. After making a big impact on sales, creating good video content has become one of the priorities of a certain brand to reach out to a certain target audience. Thus, knowing the importance of putting video subtitles changes how we deal with such content:


For over 5% of the world’s population suffers from a hearing disability which makes subtitles a better option to reach out to those with such problems. Without subtitles, it can be very difficult for people with hearing disabilities to fully understand what the video content is all about. Thus, making video content that is accessible to most viewers is a good way to get them hooked up with what a product or service is all about. 


As per survey results, 69% of viewers normally get their phones in silent mode when they watch videos in public spaces. And 80% of the population prefers watching videos with subtitles. With that being said, it is ideal to put captions or subtitles to such content to help viewers understand more about what the video is all about. 


The very reason why we put subtitles is to provide adequate information and explanation of what the video is all about. Especially, when someone is narrating within the content. It is very ideal to put subtitles for it can help people to just read them as stated in their preference. If anyone sees a video with subtitles then the intended message will be received well by the target viewers. Regardless of what their preferences are.

Language For Everyone

It is ideal to use a language that is used by everyone. Yes, the subtitles must be in a language in which the viewer can understand what we are trying to tell them. Thus, it’s crucial part to speak to our prospective customers in a language that suits and is accepted by them. If we can provide a range of languages for subtitles then it would have been a better option to do so.

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