Free SNI Bug Host List Websites 2024 For Free Unlimited Internet Access On Any Network

The best way to get unlimited internet access on any network for free with a bug host/SNI

We’ve updated the post on how to use filtering to access SNI/bug hosts in each region. Scroll to the bottom of the post for further information.

Anonyshu has described numerous methods for obtaining free limitless Internet connection through your ISP network. These include open ports, proxy servers, and free hosts (free websites on your ISP networks).

The host technique, often known as the bug, free site, or domain, is the simplest and most common approach to gain free Internet access.

This approach is quite popular since it is versatile and can be utilized in a variety of ways to provide free internet access.

It is possible to configure a host that functions alone, or you can use it in conjunction with a proxy server. Point it to a DNS server or any other technique.

SNI Bug Host List & Zero-Rated Websites for All Countries

find SNI Bug Host List Websites
find SNI Bug Host List Websites

Although I would love to get straight to the discussion topic, it would be unfair to anyone reading this post for the first time or those who don’t know what free hosts are. To learn more about terms that allow you to access the Internet for free, click here.

I explained how I got free internet access in this post. A host is a URL or website that you can access on your ISP network. There are many types of hosts. These hosts could be your ISP website, promotional links, trial subscription link, links with educational information, or any URL that can easily be accessed without data.

How to Get Unlimited Internet Access on Any ISP by Sniffing Packets

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Using IMEI adjustments, you may receive unlimited browsing data and credit from any ISP in the world.

Back then, we could receive free Internet access via our ISP’s home pages.

Although this is still possible, your odds of gaining free internet access are substantially smaller.

Although our ISPs have censored the majority of free hosts, some can still be exploited to obtain free Internet access using reverse domain or other techniques.

There are numerous hosts on your ISP network that can be exploited to provide free Internet access.

It is vital to realize that finding these hosts can be difficult. Patience is required. Some of these strategies have already been discussed, but we will go over them again in some of the following courses.

This article will show you how to locate a host who can provide free Internet access via your internet service provider’s network.

This is not limited to a single place.

Myanmar, India, and South Africa all have host networks.

How to find free hosts

  • Click here to visit
  • 2. There will be many hosts that aren’t yet revealed. Click on each host to open a new page.
  • 3. Once they have, tick “I’m not robot” and then do a robot check. Finally, click on “Find SNI”.
  • 4. As you can see below, the host should now be visible.

The Hostname part contains the host’s domain (, whereas the IP Address section has the host’s IP address. The Response Code indicates the trick’s port (80, 443) as well as its status.

Because Howdy provides VPN services, they can easily locate these hosts. These hosts can be used as SNI (Server Name Indication) to connect to the internet for free. To surf for free, you’ll need to use programs like HTTP Injector and OpenTun.

It is possible to use hosts from VPN apps that support protocols like HTTP, TCP, UDP, and so on. Click here to get the free VPN app.

How to identify your ISP’s host for free:

You will find many hosts that won’t work for your country if you look through the list. They are all for different networks and probably won’t be in your area. To verify that the domain extension is correct for your country, you should first check it.

1. Here is an example of working hosts, along with their country domain extensions. I won’t name their network.

  • for Techfoe readers in Uganda
  • for Techfoe Malaysia readers
  • (for Techfoe readers in South Africa)
  • (for Techfoe readers in the Philippines)

Step 1: Unlimited internet trick DNS settings for all ISPs around the world

How to make any Blackberry data subscription work

How to set up HTTP injector for internet access without charge

2. There are hosts that work for free with no data, and also provide Internet access when using a tunneling application. To protect their safety, I won’t mention their network or region. Here are some examples:

  • www. ********************.ke

3. There are also hosts that are not visible but require some type of package to function. Examples:

  • (Same as the first explanation I gave).
  • ( ” )
  • ( ” )


Some of the SNI hosts are not active on Howyd, but most are. You can always refer to the Response Code section for the status of the person who used the trick. To access all the information, there is a section called “full information” below.

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The best way to get unlimited internet access on any network for free with a bug host/SNI

To make your search easier, the site has been updated to include a search filter. If you only want to search for SNIs in Nigeria with Nigeria’s Internet top-level domain (.ng), you just need to click on the filter for Nigeria.

This update will eliminate the need to go through hundreds of pages just for Nigeria’s country code domain. This update will make it easier to filter your search. However, keep in mind that different countries SNIs which allow you free Internet access.

You might miss the real if you filter your search for SNIs. I don’t mean to be negative, but those SNIs that,.gh, etc work too. They will save you a lot of stress.

Let’s assume that you are interested only in SNIs for Jamaica, perhaps because you are on Digicel, and you want to get free Internet access. You just need to click on the Jamaica tag. If that was what brought you here, you can also click on Kenya, Nigeria and Philippines tags.

Next, click on any Jamaican SNI to prove you aren’t a robot.

You can set up your tunneling app with the host above and get free Internet access.

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