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HA Tunnel Plus Config Files Download – For free Unlimited Internet (April 2024)

HA Tunnel Plus Config Files Download – For free Unlimited Internet (April 2024). Are you also looking for the latest ha tunnel plus config files download 2024? Save the stress of searching for new hat files, you’re at the right post.

A few weeks ago, I uploaded the Hottest Unlimited free browsing cheat for Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, and MTN using HA Tunnel Plus VPN Settings. Some worked even without hat files added to the VPN.

Since then, the testimonies have been endless.

And right now, I noticed that some of my friends on the NetworkPalava Group Chat v8 are complaining of disconnection.

Some even said that the VPN stopped working and they need a working HA Tunnel Plus config file download that works as usual.

Stay calm and download the right configuration file for your current Network. This post is for you, yes, if you’re from Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, etc., you use Cell C, Vodafone, Telkom, and other networks listed here.

Hey! Don’t Miss This New Tips:

In this section, you’ll find the direct links to download the working ha tunnel VPN configuration files for your network.

Select the from the list below:

Airtel Users – Ha Tunnel Config Files

When the cheat was launched in Nigeria, Airtel users enjoyed it more.

Why? They were able to download the Airtel config files immediately after we dropped them on NetworkPalava.com.ng.

One guy used over 51.82GB in one day, see the screenshot below;

Now, it’s your time to download your file and start browsing for free. Make use of the link below:

9mobile Users – HAT Files Download

Just like Airtel, some 9mobile users were able to jump in and grab the working ha tunnel 9mobile config file and accumulated more than 16.08GB in One day.

Now, isn’t that crazy?

Ha Tunnel Plus Config File Download MTN 2024

Its looks like MTN Users have been kept under the ground all this time. But, that’s not the case. It happens to be that you haven’t found the active Ha Tunnel Plus MTN Files Download links.

You’re also part of this so download the file below:

Glo Users

Glo users are not left behind. If you have your glo sim card with you, it’s time to insert it into your phone and download HA Tunnel Plus VPN (settings).

After that launch the app and import the files you’re about to download now.

There are more HA Tunnel plus Config files to download. Keep scrolling…

Vodacom Users – Ha Tunnel Config Files Download

If you’re in Tanzania, you can also enjoy unlimited free browsing using the Configuration file you’re going to download in few seconds.

Make use of the link below:

Telkom Users 

No issues. Telkom users have got their own space to surf the internet for free.

Now, it’s either you’re new to this Ha Tunnel Plus VPN cheat or you’ve consumed stuff in the past, lol.

This doesn’t matter though, here’s your chance to get (back) on track and start browsing for free using the working ha tunnel plus config file download Telkom network.

Cell C Users – HAT Files

Still, struggling with expensive data plans on your phone? You’re marking the end to this in no time believe me.

Cell C network users, make sure you download the updated version of HA Tunnel Plus VPN as instructed in my previous guide.

Download the Configuration file below:

Airtel Malawi Users

My friends in Malawi it’s about time you join the trip, hehe. Your Config file is ready.

Before you download, please tell me how much you spend on data bundles right.

The files below will help you save the money you spend on Airtime and yes, it’s time to browse for free using the HA Tunnel Plus settings.

  • Download the Working Config File for Airtel Malawi
  • Link to HAT file: Download here…

Other HA Tunnel Plus VPN Configuration Files For Free Download

Here are some additional .hat files you can import on the app depending on the Network your use. Yes, if you didn’t find your network file above, this part is for you.   Download your desired file below:

  1. Link 1: HA Tunnel Prepago Config File Download
  2. #Link 2: Airtel Uganda Configuration File Download (New*)
  3. Link 3: HA Tunnel Kenya File
  4. #Link 4: South Africa ALL NET (New*)
  5. Link 5: Argentina file
  6. Link 6: Malaysia 3 in 1
  7. #Link 7: Mobily
  8. Link 8: Philipines
  9. Link 9: Saudi Mobily
  10. #Link 10: Prepago Agentina
  11. Link 11: Qatar Ooredoo
  12. Link 12: StarHub Singapore
  13. #Link 13: TIGO Colombia
  14. Link 14: TIGO Guatemala (New*)
  15. Link 15: WIFI WE
  16. #Link 16: Airtel Uganda New
  17. Link 17: CLARO MOVISTAR TUENTI GT (New*)
  18. Link 18: Colombia All Net

How To Import HA Tunnel Plus VPN Configuration File Fast

Are you finding it difficult to import the configuration files you just downloaded? Follow the guidelines in the short video below to import your files faster:

Now, in other words, here’s how to import the HA Tunnel .hat files in few seconds:

  • Open the VPN on your phone. Download here and install if you don’t have it.
  • Tap on the ‘3dot‘ at the top-right corner of your screen. You’ll see the ‘Import/Export option.
  • Next, Tap on Import/Export.
  • Tap on Import Config. After this, Ha Tunnel Plus VPN will automatically open the File Manager on your phone.
  • Now, locate the folder with which you downloaded the config files.
  • After this, Select the configuration files for your current network there. (i.e the one you downloaded for MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, Digicel, Cell C, Vodacom, Telkom, and others)

That’s all. Watch the video and follow it step-by-step if the text version is unclear to you.

Enjoy yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is designed to answer all the questions you’ve asked regarding the Ha Tunnel Plus Config files.

Ask your questions in the comment section and you’ll get a response as soon as possible.

How do I download config file ha tunnel plus?

Make use of the links above. Kindly click on the link that suits your Network.

Is Ha tunnel plus working?

  • Yes, Ha Tunnel Plus works 100%.

Don’t take my word for this, though; scroll up and see the testimonies from my friends on WhatsApp.

Just make sure you apply the steps correctly to enjoy this free browsing cheat.

Does Ha tunnel give free data?

  • No, HA Tunnel unlocks your sim for free browsing. Now, some files have limits, so it depends on the file you downloaded.

There are Unlimited config files and you’ll also find 2GB cheat, 500M, and more…

Have You Downloaded Yours?

Hope you saw the link to the working HA Tunnel plus Config files Download?

Now, tell me, which Network do you use? Have you imported the files?

How many Gigabytes have you consumed? Are you facing difficulties?

Tell me in the comment section.


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