How to Get All Bug Free SNI Host List 2023: Hostname Tunnel Finder

Getting the complete free SNI host list for 2023 is relatively straightforward nowadays. 

What is an SNI Host?

SNI stands for Server Name Indication. SNI host is an extension to TLS (Transport Layer Security) that allows multiple hostnames to be served over HTTPS from the same IP address.

SNI provides VPN services, so it is easier for them to scope out these hosts that people use to browse the web for free. 

Most of the hosts provided here are SNI which means you need to use the hostnames with the following apps:

  • HTTP Injector.
  • OpenTun.
  • Open VPN.
  • HA Tunnel.
  • TLS Tunnel.
  • eProxy.
  • Any VPN application supports the TLS/SSL/Tunnel for free internet access.

The host method, also called the domain, bug method, or free site method is the most typical way of accessing the net for free. This method is prevalent because it can be configured in several ways for free internet browsing. 

You may either configure a working host alone or use a functional proxy server. The latter allows you to point it to a DNS or use it with any method.

Furthermore, a host is a website or URL that can be accessed by your internet service provider without a data balance (free). These hosts include ISP websites, trial subscription links, promo links, educational packages, or any public URL accessed without data. 

Eligible Regions For Free SNI Host List

Networks in the following regions or countries can benefit from the updated free SNI Host list:

  • Argentina 
  • Bolivia 
  • Brunei 
  • Cambodia 
  • El Salvador 
  • Egypt 
  • Guatemala 
  • Jamaica 
  • Jordan 
  • Kenya 
  • Kurdistan 
  • Malaysia 
  • Mexico 
  • Myanmar 
  • Nigeria 
  • Paraguay 
  • Peru 
  • Philippines 
  • Slovenia 
  • Sri Lanka 
  • Uganda 
  • Vietnam
  • Other Selected Countries or Regions in the World are not mentioned.

How to Get All Bug-Free SNI Host List 2023: HostName Tunnel Finder?

To obtain all the up-to-date bug hosts and free SNI host lists to use on any network worldwide, do the following:

  1. Go to the Howdy SNI Host website using your web browser to access the available fresh list.
  2. Click on the SNI search filter to select your country of interest.
  3. Write down the details of a hostname of your choice. The SNI hostname includes the domain, unique IP Address, Response Code, open port (e.g., 80, 443), and the HTTP status. 
  4. Navigate to various pages to obtain similar workable free internet hostnames for your selected country if you are unsatisfied with the previously selected one.
  5. Finally, use the above SNI settings to configure your network or VPN for free net access.

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